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Perlita or “Perlite” is an inert volcanic rock (technically amophos volcanic glass) that adds structure to substrates, allowing for greater porosity and drainage and therefore increasing overall plant growth.  BioTerra’s Perlita is a premium quality product.


  • Ideal to for creating potting mixes

  • Improves drainage and root aeration

  • Retains humidity

  • Inert

  • 100% natural and environmentally friendly


  • Incorporate perlita into potting mixes.  Ideally perlite should represent in between 10%-50% of the total volume of the desired substrate.

  • Planting in potting mixes with higher proportions of Perlita require more applications of fertilizer throughout all growing phases.

  • Planting in potting mixes with lower proportions of perlite and mixing with more compost provides greater retention of water and nutrients, therefore requiring fewer applications of fertilizer throughout all growing phases.

  • We recommend mixing Perlita with BioTerra’s Compost Premium and Fibra de Coco.

¿Not sure how much Perlita to use? Look for our specially made Potting Mix & Bio-Sustrato, that were designed & tested to promote crop & plant growth in seedling trays, planter pots & boxes.


  • pH neutral (aprox 6-8)

  • Loose bulk density 85 – 125 (typically 105) g/dm3

  • Loose compact density 100 – 145 g/dm3

  • Color y form: white – granulate


SiO2: 74 – 79,5%
AI2O3: 13% – 17%
K2O: 0,5 – 5%
Na2O: 2 – 5%

CaO: 0,4 – 0,6%
Fe2O3: 0,3 – 0,95%
MgO: 0,04 – 0,15%
Sulfatos: exempt


Bag 50 liters


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