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BioTerra’s 100% Natural Products

Agriculture specialists.

Over the years, BioTerra has developed itself as a premier specialist in caring for crops utilizing organic farming methods.  The 100% natural product line is formulated especially to provide everything necessary to ensure that crops and plants grow vigorously.  Utilizing these natural products will keep the fertility in your soil and guarantee great results.

Only the best for your crops.

BioTerra’s products are top quality, 100% natural and developed carefully to promote healthy, fertile soil, which in turn ensures the healthy and prosperous growth of crops and plants with greater nutritive value. The entire product line is environmentally friendly and safe for human use.

Environmentally friendly products
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Compost & Potting Mixes.

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Pest & Disease Control.

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Organic Minerals y fertilizers.

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Professional Soil Substrates. 

BioTerra offers a variety of composts and substrates for horticulture and agriculture use, designed especially for the various phases of plant growth.

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Compost y Potting Mixes
Fertilizers y Minerals
Pest Control
Professional Substrates
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